Everything In One Platform


Custom Actor Recruitment

Create and publish a custom, branded form for potential actors and staff to sign up to work at your haunt.



Plan ahead with staff scheduling. Add your shifts and always know who plans to work which days.


Actor/Staff Management

Manage all your actors and staff in one place. Assign them to attractions, groups, and costumes as you build your team.


Costume Management

Keep track of your costume inventory so you always know what you have and where it should be.


Time Tracking

Quickly check in and check out actors each night. Or turn on the secure kiosk mode to let them check in and out themselves.


Email & Text Notifications

Communication is important. Easily send an email or text message to all your staff or just to a specific group(s).


Dedicated Personnel Line

Staff can send text messages and voicemails to your dedicated personnel line. View and respond from within the platform.


Background Checks

Easily request background checks for any or all of your staff. Their status is displayed in real-time once completed.


Attraction Studio

Create a 3D floor plan complete with realistic models along with actor positions as you plan your ultimate attractions.


Staffing Metrics

Your haunt dashboard includes metrics and charts to quickly see important high-level metrics as soon as sign-ups begin.


Awards Tracking

Recognize your staff for their accomplishments. Keep track of awards, prizes, etc.


On-Demand Reports

Generate a report in seconds for things like staff hours worked, payments, call-ins and more.

Desktop screenshots of Sithon

Discover why some of the most popular haunts in America trust Sithon to help them manage their monsters.

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